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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Artists on Fire (unplugged)

Meet some of the guys from FHFteam in this very special treasury
Artists on Fire (Unplugged)

Top Row
Diane Cook - Sabine Little - Lorna Prime

Second Row
Julie Fountain - Samantha Halliwell - Jolene Wolfe

Third Row
Emma Mackintosh - Karen Baildon - Colette Ladley

Bottom Row
Glenn Godden - Trudi Doherty - Helen Clemons


Vicki said...

What a great great idea!!! Love it!!!! :-)

Glittering Prize said...

I keep singing oooooohh my s*x is on fire ....... well, i would if I could sing!!

Looks fab, and thanks to the Team for putting all the work into it!

Trudi x