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Monday, 19 October 2009

Sleek oval focal with Shards - tutorial by kitzbitz Art Glass

Thank you to Sandy Kelly (Flowerjasper) for coming over to play
and doing a bit of filming with me.

I have wanted for a while to create a tutorial that shows an easy way to handle glass shard application as surface decoration on a focal bead. I have left them raised in this tutorial but you can go further and melt them flat. You could merge the colours of the shards in with your base bead by spot heating then twisting them at the edges with a stringer or layer other elements like dots/stringer/murrini on top of them for more a more complex result.

Dark silver plum (DSP) is a premium handpulled glass made by Effetre and it turns to the most beautiful metallic shade in an oxygen rich flme. You can get some great rainbow effects from this glass in a propane rich reduction flame too.

I think that hand blown DSP shards are simply lovely!


Kitzbitz Art Glass


Julie ... Lush! said...

Oh wow, well done Jo and Sandy, that's a brilliant video!

mariag said...

Fab video, thanks Jo & Sandy :)