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Monday, 21 December 2009

Resolutions Challenge - VeeBead Vicki

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the word theme of Resolutions. Here is the stunning bracelet entered by Vicki of VeeBeads.

Vicki says:
For various reasons I am unable to torch at the moment, so I made a resolution to actually start making stuff with the beads I have made to date, and to learn and incorporate bead weaving and wirework into my jewellery. This bracelet represents a realisation of that resolution. The unusual shape of the Clare Scott beads just shouted to be a frame, so I was determined to use those as part of the design, and there was a tutorial in a bead magazine which I adapted to make the woven cuff. This bracelet has been many, many weeks in the making, and has been through many incarnations, but I am happy with the final result.

You can find more lovely glass by Vicki at VeeBeads

1 comment:

ChatElaine said...

This is stunning Vicki, well done on what you have achieved.