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Monday, 15 November 2010

Pick of the week - Texture like Sun

Set of 7 lampwork beads in a lozenge shape with stunning irridescent shades of black, silver, gold, blue and lots of other shimmery colours inbetween!
Mirage Lampwork Bead Set by helbels

I don't know why it's so hard to get pure copper findings - almost all are plated - so after a lot of requests, I've made some copper versions of my most popular sterling designs.
Handmade solid copper toggle clasp starburst texture by mizgeorge

A set of five handmade glass beads in a beautiful scarlet red decorated with gold foil and murrini in black, white and red. This opulent set has an oriental look and would make a stunning piece of jewellery.
Geisha. A set of handmade lampwork beads by Josephine Wadman

Honey Shimmer is a clear honey and opaque sandstone lampwork mini bead set with glittering oil slick dot and line decoration
Honey Shimmer mini bead set by kitzbitz

Five square pillow of encased silver glass wrapped in pure gold leaf. Wow these juicy!! Beatiful pink and purple mother of pearl effect shining though the layers of gold leaf.
Eye Popping Pillows by Kate Sullivan

Inspired by a lyric - Golden brown texture like sun, this weeks team picks all have a special shimmer and glowing quality which makes me long for summer already. Click here to see more from FHFteam 2010
Enjoy, Jolene x

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