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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Dragon Your Feet

Today's Design Idea is a flight of fancy; a necklace celebrating the fantastic, and perfect for those with a love of magic!

As our centrepiece, we have FlyingBead's  fabulous boroscillicate dragon pendant, worked in beautiful fiery oranges and reds, and with an integreated glass bail. To evoke a suitable medieval effect, try hanging him from the centre of some chainmaille; take a look at this beautiful necklace from ElelJewellery  for a fantastic example.

Or hang your dragon pendant from some cotton or hemp cord for a rustic look, and knot or wirewrap some of BeadupaStorm's unsual but very pretty dragon's teeth (several size available).

Or if you want a colour-matched look, make up a necklace of wire-wrapped toning beads, like Beaujolais Bead's fiery set of beads; the dragon will subtly pick up the orange shades in the beads, but you won't be subject to an orange overload!


Thanks for looking!


Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Another fantastic design idea, love the idea if putting Emmas dragon with maille - like a gragon guarding it's hoard!

Blue Kiln Beads said...

that is an amazing dragon head!