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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Design Idea - Woodland Whimsy

Spring sunshine, budding flowers, and new growth. Some folk say the fairies are hard at work creating Spring, and I'm certainly not going to contradict them (and not just because those people tend to have a oddly glazed look in their eyes) - Spring often does seem a time of magic, and so this week's design idea lets loose with woodland whimsy.

Some clasps are just too spectacular to remain on the back of your neck, and Disandland's sterling silver toggle definitely belongs in that class; the beautiful, dreamy etching wouldn't be out of place in a fairy tale.  We'll be bringing it round to the front for this week's necklace; position the clasp halfway down one of the necklace's sides for an off-centre look that will draw the eye.

At the front of the necklace, evenly space Helbels' colourful and delicate raised-floral beads , making sure the focal clasp is placed between two bead. Play around with the spacing so that this front piece is asymmetrical, but also well-balanced. Either use wire-wrapped links of accent beads to complete the necklace, or thread onto some cord.

It wouldn't be a complete set without the ubiquitous big-hole bracelet, would it? This pretty mini-set of beads by Beaujolais Beads will pick up the purple tones in some of the the necklace beads, whilst the raised florals continue the theme.

Since we're talking woodland whimsy, try an asymmetrical pair of earrings with these two adorable owl beads by Finishing Touch Jewels; there's no rule that says earring beads have to be the same, and the individuality of each owl bead will add a touch of personality to your earrings.

And for a final touch, add this cute mushroom by Shineon2 to a keychain; but be careful - it looks the sort of 'shroom that houses a tiny gnome (they live in mushrooms, don't ya know...or is that Smurfs?)

Thanks for looking!


Stephanie said...

Fabulous toggle clasp - and I love the idea of having off-centre at the front!

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

This is my favourite design idea post yet! Gorgoeus selections Hazel, sprong is most definately in the air!