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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Orange Crush (or Crushed by Orange?)

Mouthwatering citrus - some say orange is one of the most difficult to colours to work with, but it's also one of the most vibrant, bringing to mind juicy tropical fruit, fragrant citrus groves, and bright fake tans (okay, so the last one isn't so uplifting, sorry) So here's a bracelet idea using the work of the talented fhfteam.

The standard starting point - a cool focal bead. Only this time, it's a focal button by helengbeads worked in incredibly vibrant yellows and oranges. After all, there's no reason you can't use a button as a focal: I'd weave some cotton cord up through one button hole and down through the other so that the button lies flat.

Another option though would be to use copper jumprings through the button holes in order to connect it to the main part of the bracelet, and to complement the warm colours of the glass. 

And for juicy little spacers, here's a set of gorgeous tangerine beads by dangerousbead
 - and doesn't that streaky orange glass just scream lollipops and boiled sweets? With a 1.6mm hole, they'd can be threaded onto some 1mm cotton cord along with the focal. 

To lighten up the orange a little, strategically place this pair of shineon2's light but warm yellow bead pair in amongst the other spacer beads. 

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ChatElaine said...

I just love orange at the moment, I'm so pleased I can finally leave comments again, I havent been able to for sometime!! Elaine x