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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Member Interrogations - Jean Munro

Today we have an interesting read from Jean Munro of Ceardannan Jewellery, including words about her inspiration, her start in jewellery-making, and a great double-quotation that sums up her approach to life!

1 - Your name: Jean Munro

2 - Your shop name and address: Ceardannan  www.ceardannan.co.uk  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ceardannanjewellery

3 - Describe your artistic style in three words: organic ….eclectic…colourful

4 - When did you first start jewellery making/lampworking, and how did you get started?I first started making jewellery about 5 years ago when  I was living in Greece.  I was shopping with my mum and saw a pair of earrings made with lapis stones that I liked but the wires were made with a metal I couldn’t wear. My mum said, “I’m sure if you have a look on the internet you will be able to find the materials to make something yourself.” 
She set me off on my first bead related google seach. This led to me buying my first set of lampwork beads on ebay, made by Mike Poole. Ever since holding them in my hands I wanted to learn to make lampwork beads.  As soon as we came back to Scotland to live I had a taster session followed by a workshop with Rachel Elliot. I grinned all the way through it and about 2 years ago I bought my lampwork start up kit second hand on FH forum.!

5 - What do you love most about your craft?
I especially like choosing semi precious gemstones and lampwork beads in my jewellery making and playing around with different combinations.   I  love that there are so many different colours and kinds of glass and the fact that I could never get bored with lampworking as there is always something else to try and something new to learn. And I really like melting glass!

6 - If you could take a class with any artist (in your field or otherwise) who would you choose and why?
So difficult a question but I would especially like to take a George and Julie Cab to Fab, or  by George. it’s Lush class.  I  have admired George’s work since I started making jewellery and  Lush Julies beads were some of the first I bought while Julies cabs are wonderful.   I would really like to dress  a few beads George style.

7 - Do you have a favourite piece of your work that you can share with us?

I am proud of this fibula as my husband did the wirework in this and made my bead look beautiful!

And I really enjoy making my beady boxes in different colourways..

8 - Where do you find your inspiration?
The colours all around me, I love the colours in nature, especially the coast the sea and wildflowers, Also there are so many beautiful colours of glass which are an inspiartion in themselves.

9 - What’s your favourite technique within your medium?At the moment I am enjoying working with cane, murrini and twisties, and making organic style beads particularly seascapes.

10 - Where do you create your work?
In my utility room that wanted to be a conservatory but never quite made it.  

11 - Do you have a favourite colour scheme or range when you’re creating pieces?
I guess I always go back to blues and greens  though I’m also particularly drawn to  reds and oranges. But I just really choose whatever colour I fancy at the time, 

12 - Can you give us a quotation/lyric/piece of advice that sums up your approach to life and your craft?Do what you can with what you have where you are….Theodore Roosevelt.
It’s hard to be positive when your bottles gone! …big sis

13 - The most serious question of all: if you could meet any fictional character, from TV film or literature, who would it be and why?
Mary DiNunzio the lawyer from Lisa Scottoline books, she’s a great character warm, funny and smart and I really like her.

14 - Finally, what are your plans or hopes for your work in the future?Keep on keeping on!


A big thanks to Jean for her answers!

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Shaiha said...

Your husband does great work. And I loved the story of how you started in jewelry.