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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

FHFTeam members win in Jewellery Maker of the Year competition

We are extremely proud to announce that in the 2012 Beads & Beyond Jewellery Maker of the Year competition, all three prizewinners in the lampworking category were members of the Frit-Happens Forum Team, with Gay Massender of GaysieMay taking first, our team leader Jolene Wolfe from Kitzbitz coming in second, and Becky Fairclough (Chameleons Designs) winning third.

Here's a look at their prize-winning entries:

Gay's complex 'Blue Bird' bead:

Jolene's 'Frozen Bonsai' featuring her own amazing murrini:

And Becky's 'Fan Dance', with detailed stringer-work:

 Congratulation to the winners in all categories, as well as theose who made it into the finals!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations ladies! Great work! :)

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Thank you so much for the write up, I'm so proud of everyone xx