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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pick of the week - Pretty in Pink

hot pink handmade lampwork beads
Sugar Lumps by MyPrecious

seed bead woven bracelet/cuff in baby pink
Autumn Rose by nemeton

Siver cored lampwork big hole bubble bead

Montana Cored Big Hole Bead by Dilunah

handmade frit beads in hot pinks and lavender
Blossom by Sarah Downton

Lampwork glass sugar bead drop earrings
Coconut Ice Sterling Silver Earrings by Shineon2

handmade round beads, etched for a soft matt finish
Stonebaked Beads Berry by LushLampwork

Pretty in Pink, a lovely selection of girly goodies from the team this week. FHFteam 2010 Enjoy, Jolene.


Diane said...

What lovely pinkiness - love it.

Trudi said...

Pink to make the boys wink!

Pretty selection!