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Friday, 27 May 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Dining In

Here's a departure from the usual Design Idea of the Week; an idea for the home instead. The FHFTeam members are a diverse bunch, and don't only make pieces to adorn people. So here are a few ideas designed to add some fizz and fun to your dining table.

I think a lot of people would agree that no matter how good the company, a fabulous dinner party usually requires a little touch of alcohol (or at least a classy fizzy drink in a proper bottle!) so why not keep the drinks fresh with this stunning glass bottle stopper by Steampunkglass. With delicate three-dimensional glass flowers embedded within crystal clear glass, it may even become an object of conversation (well, it's got to be more interesting that politics):

Need a centrepiece? In keeping with the theme of clear simplicity, how about this beautiful frosty bowl by DawnTurnerDesigns? It can be left as it is, or double up on functionality and rest special serving utensils and napkins on it at the beginning of the meal (just don't try to serve your soups in it, okay?)

Speaking of decoration, a few of FlyingCheeseToastie's clear glass leverets dotted strategically around the table, peering out from behind bowls and bottles, would add a lovely touch, and help to reflect the light:

Steampunkglass has another good idea for the dinner table; for those Asian-themed meals, a set of chopstick rests shaped like twisted leaves and made from clear boro glass infused with wisps of darker colours (and if you've already exhausted talking about the bottle stopper and politics, I'm sure these will perk up the conversation!)

And finally, one you've finished the meal and the wine/drink bottles are empty, Flyingbead has created a gorgeous dragon sculpture specially designed to turn old bottles into fantastical oil lamps, complete with fire-breathing...and placing a few around the room would produce a wonderfully cosy atmosphere for the next dinner party!

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Steph said...

Cool oil lamp toppers - I love it!