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Friday, 3 June 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Into the Deep

Summer means a trip to the seaside for many people (which is followed by 2 hours hiding from the rain under brightly coloured shop awnings if you're British), so this week's idea is a bracelet and necklace set with a nautical theme.

Taking this absolutely adorable sailor girl focal from Sals25 as a starting point, we get a colour scheme of deep blue and white, classic nautical colours:

Use wrapped loops to hang her from the main necklace chain of wired-up beads, and add one of Pandanimal's frosted glass beads at the bottom of a dangle, to resemble beautifully tumbled sea glass:

To match the deep blue transparent and crisp white glass in the sailor girl's outfit, these beads by RedsBeads echo the colours, whilst the trails of organic silver and ivory around the beads are reminiscent of rocky shoals, and pebbled beaches where the little sailor girl wanders. Wire wrap a few of these beads with silver wire; using the tail of wrapped loops to make small spirals of wire, and gently pressing these flat against the beads will mimic curling waves:

Now for the bracelet, a simple strung creation would be fabulous for featuring JustDesireJewellery's iridescent shell bead. This shimmering focal holds the colours of the sea inside, and seems to catch the light in subtle waves:

And to make up the rest of the bracelet, try threading these oyster shell shaped white buttons by LushLampwork onto your stringing material:

And intersperse them with FiBead's luscious deep blue spacer beads. Meanwhile, the rest of the frosted and silver dotted beads would look lovely used to lengthen the necklace:

Thanks for reading!



Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Lovely picks Hazel, thank you xx

Lori's Glassworks said...

I love your selections. Perfect for a summer day at the TiKi bar! Cheers!

Beadtopia said...

Thanks Hazel, I seem to be always thinking of the sea,now we are on the same "wave" length (sorry)

Sally said...

Lovely article, thanks for including my bead :D

Pandanimal said...

Wow. That would look fabulous together. I'm not biased....?
Thanks for choosing my curl beads.