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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sparkle challenge - Josephine Wadman

FHFteam are running a Seasonal Sparkle Challenge right now and here is a beautiful sparkly listing from Josephine wadman.

Josephine says:
I live in Somerset with my husband and our two daughters. I had been making jewellery for just over a year when I came across lampwork on the internet. I bought a hothead and was hooked. Within a month I had been on a beginners course with Barbara Mason and ordered a Minor setup. Three and a half years later beadmaking has taken over my life....not to mention part of the garage which has been transformed into a workshop. I work fulltime making beads and jewellery and also teaching beadmaking. The novelty and of melting glass hasn't worn off and I doubt it ever will. I have always enjoyed various creative activities and feel very lucky that one of these has now become my job. An added bonus are all the friends that I have made through beadmaking, many of them other members of FH.

You can find more lovely glass by Josephine at Josephine Wadman

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