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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sparkle Challenge - Trudi Doherty

FHFteam are running a Seasonal Sparkle Challenge right now and here is a beautiful sparkly listing from Trudi Doherty.

Trudi Says:
When I think of Christmas I think of snowball fights. Running through snow, trying not to get hit; while laughing so hard that my sides ache!! And that was just last year, some things stay with us from our childhood. It’s just magical, sharing that fun with the next generation. So I made these beads with an opaque white base, and rolled them in a very fine clear frit - the contrast really makes them sparkle, just like sunshine reflecting off the snow.

You can find more lovely glass by Trudi at Shineon2

1 comment:

ChatElaine said...

I definitely see snowball fighting!!! Gorgeous they are!!