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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Emerging Challenge - Emma Mackintosh

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the theme "emerging" Here is a stunning pixie pendant entered by Emma of Flying Bead

Emma Says:
I was inspired by an article in the latest glassline magazine, showing bandaged faces. They are glass sculpture but I wanted to do a pendant with an Eastern, semi-veiled look - emotions/character emerging from the veil. The idea of a face half-hidden, half in view behind a veil is really appealing. I wanted a nomad, the glass had other ideas and I've ended up with very otherworldly pixies, but still with that half-veiled/half-revealed image. Their eyes have lots of expression - and again, eyes are a mirror of feelings coming from within, half-veiled and half-revealed.

You can find more stunning jewellery and lampwork created by Emma at Flying Bead

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