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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Emerging Challenge - Jennie Lamb

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the theme "emerging" Here is a wonderful lampwork bead entered by Jennie of Raspberry Rings.

Jennie Says:
I seem to be seeing the Union Jack everywhere at the moment from furniture to fashion. Is it the credit crunch that has caused this, or the fighting in Afganistan? I have read that when things are hard the flag emerges to give us all a subliminal boost of pride in our nation! The football this summer will also no doubt put the flag on the map for many people. This bead was born off that influence, I 'deconstructed' the flag but you can see the Union Jack and the Flag of St George almost emerging seperately from the bead depending on what angle you look at it from. The colours immediately make me think of the flag and I think thats the point when the flags start to emerge from the bead!

You can find more stunning jewellery and lampwork created by Jennie at Raspberry Rings

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