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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Pick of the Week - The First Faint Glimmer

Having spotted the first flowers of spring, some beautiful florals for you all!

Jo Bailey

Featured this week are

Muse Flower Power Bead Set by beadsbyvicki
Stretchy Floral Bracelet by bubblefizz
Moonflower bead set by BumpyBeads
English Garden Florals Set by IzzyBeads
Pretty in pink by Midgetgembeads


Kitzbitz Art Glass said...


Vicki said...

What a great way to start spring you are right :-D beautiful beads everyone! x

Julie Haveland Beer said...

Ooooh, spring is here! what a lovely collection of beads! x

Karen Baildon said...

Lovely selection - I love Heather's Moon Flowers!