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Friday, 25 February 2011

Design Idea of the Week

This week's design idea has a slightly different slant to it; a selection of coordinating accessories designed to 'lift' neutral outfits, in a delicious fresh red, white and etc. colour scheme.

Setting the tone is this rose-covered buckle from DawnTurnerDesigns; used to fasten a toning scarf, as an accent on a bag, or to add a unique touch to your belt, it will definitely be a welcome change from everyday fastenings.

Teaming up with this is a set of pretty encased flower beads by MyPrecious; the flower theme continues, as does the colour scheme, with the subtle mint green base of these beads picking up the white background and green leaves in the buckle. Pair with LushLampwork's sage green toggle clasp and spacers set to make a complementing bracelet.

If you want to pick up more of the reds in the buckle, or don't fancy making your own bracelet, FunkyCow has a simple and delicate example made with her own lampwork beads that will perk up any outfit.

And finally, your coat make be feeling a bit left out, so why not try a touch of customizing, and add these matching buttons from HelenPetersBeads  (or pop them on your trousers, bag or anything that can be sewn!)


beaujolaisbeads said...

Great ideas!

Kathy said...

Lovely ideas and thank you for including me! ;D

GaysieMay said...

I love the idea of using the buckle for a scarf