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Friday, 4 February 2011

Design Ideas from the FHFTeam

The shops are bursting with hearts, and naturally Valentine's Day is on everyone's mind right now -  especially if you have someone special in mind. Today's design idea from the FHFTeam is for a romantic pastel necklace.

To make up the length of the necklace, these fabulous Raspberry Shake beads by beaujolaisbeads with a pretty subtle pink swirl can be wire-wrapped and interspersed with some yummy pink frit-sprinkled beads by Glittering Prize

Beaujolais Beads - Raspberry Shake

Glittering Prize - Pink to Make the Boys Wink

And of course, a Valentine necklace needs a suitable romanctic focal point; for the traditional effect, this delicate heart focal bead by HelenGBeads would tone well with the rest of the piece, whilst the smaller pink and clear beads can be used to make up wire-wrapped links in a bracelet.
HelenG Beads - Heart Bead

Or to add a big shot of sparkle to the pastel theme, use this dichroic pendant from Sorbet Glass; the pink hues in the glass will match well, whilst the scattering of contasting colours perks up the whole piece.

Sorbet Glass - Dichroic Sunset

Or for that surprise funky factor, LemonKitten provides a matching pink lentil bead decorated with dots, feathering, and swirls galore that will get people looking.

LemonKitten - Glass Focal

And finally, what better way to finish off the necklace than with a handmade sterling silver clasp by the talented MizGeorge

MizGeorge - Handmade Silver Clasp


beaujolaisbeads said...
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beaujolaisbeads said...

Leave these bits and pieces, the dichoric is stunning! Thanks for also including my beads.

Nic :) said...

cute beads!
All perfect for Valentines