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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Monthly FHFTeam Blog Topic

Welcome to the first post of Monthly Blog Topics, where Frit-Happens Forum team members share their thoughts on random questions about beads, glass and jewellery.

This month's question was:

What do you love most about lampwork beads (making or using them)?

Here's what some of our members had to say - come back next Wednesday to read more members' thoughts on the brilliance of lampwork!

ScarletImpressions:   I fell in love with Lampwork beads from my American friends I used to adore all the fascinating colours and using them in jewellery. Then I discovered how easy it was to get started and now I think I love melting the glass more. Being able to control the glass and see those amazing reactions happening are the most rewarding, even when the final bead doesn't always look perfect.

HelenPetersBeadsI like looking at them, touching them, feeling them. Sorry, that's possibly pervvy. 
I find that making them is slightly hypnotic and I can lose so much time doing it when I'm allowed to and able to 'get into the zone'. And then there's the sorting through the glass rods and arranging them into different orders depending on what colour they are, or whether transparent or opaque and then there's the 'special' rods which are stored in a different place.... (It's the grown up version, for me, of sorting through my pencil case at school and arranging my pencils or felt tips in colour order and making sure all the pencils are sharp.)

Gaysiemay Lampwork beads appeal to the magpie in me.  I've got to touch them, looking is never enough, I need to hold them in my hand and feel the weight, to be sure they're as smooth and shiny as they look.  No two beads are ever the same, and the fascination of the endless possiblities intrigues me and holds my attention. 

Each bead is like a small treasure, that may be kept in a box and taken out and admired from time to time.  Or else, on the wave of inspiration turned into some comfortable piece of jewellery, that becomes as familar and loved as your favourite pair of old boots.

Glittering Prize: The fact that they are unique, and that you can evolve a design. You can make them to suit the ideas in your head.

JustDesireJewellery: I started out 'making jewellery' because there was nothing i liked in the shop and i 'THOUGHT'  i could make it better and unique lol, now as many of you know...... making jewellery and being introduced to lampwork has danger written all over it.......

Now if i make the bead from scratch and then a piece of jewellery from scratch it is definitely different and most certainly unique, it just makes you grin from ear to ear when you think about being 'ABLE' to design and make something with a substance that you would never have thought possible at no serious costs.... and the buzz of someone you don't know telling you that what you've made is amazing 

plus the fact friends and family love that they have their very only personal jewellery/bead slave at hand.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this question - pop your answers down in the comment box below :)

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