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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Member Interrogations - Helen Wyatt

This time, lampworker Helen Wyatt shares her thoughts on glass, life, and The Flumps. Read on...

1 - Your name: Helen Wyatt

2 - Your shop name and address: Alchemy Lampwork - www.etsy.com/shop/alchemylampworkUK

3 - Describe your artistic style in three words: A right mismash!

4 - When did you first start glass work, and how did you get started?

I took a one day introductory course with Beverley Hicklin in September 2008 and was immediately entranced and knew I just had to start learning to make beads myself. Since then, there's been no looking back!

5 - What do you love most about your craft?

The fact that it's difficult. I get bored easily, and tend to lose interest in anything once I feel I've "mastered" it. As it's unlikely I'll "master" lampwork anytime soon, it's the perfect craft for me!

6 - If you could take a class with any artist (in your field or otherwise) who would you choose and why?

I would love to take a class with Melanie Moertel as I love her incredible combination of bright colours and stringer work.

7 - Do you have a favourite piece of your work that you can share with us?

My work is ever changing and so is my favourite, but at the present time I'm quite fond of these beads

8 - Where do you find your inspiration?

I often don't! I am one of those people who can quite regularly just sit looking at my glass stash thinking "what the hell am I going to make with that then?"! But if I sit there long enough, something normally comes to mind. If I'm really stuck, I'll just pick a few colours at random and set myself the challenge of making something with them!

9 - What’s your favourite technique within your medium?

Stringer work - I find it really therapeutic to work with super fine pieces of glass and attempt to make them behave in the flame. Of course, that's until it all goes horribly wrong, when I'm usually to be found swearing loudly and if asked, I'd deny it was therapeutic at all!

10 - Where do you create your work?

On a 3ft x 2ft converted computer table at the end of my bed, in my bedroom! I live in a small flat, so there's no other choice. I'd like to think I can show beginners that it really is possible to create anywhere, if you have the will to do it!

11 - Do you have a favourite colour scheme or range when you’re creating pieces?

I love purple and pinks, so tend to be drawn to them. However, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone by working with greens occasionally, as they really aren't my thing!

12 - Can you give us a quotation/lyric/piece of advice that sums up your approach to life and your craft?

Probably the lyric "This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been" by Katie Melua! My relationship with glass normally teeters somewhere in the region of a love/hate affair, depending on how its going on the day in question - and it frequently makes me want to go "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHGHHHHH!"

13 - The most serious question of all: if you could meet any fictional character, from TV film or literature, who would it be and why?

Pootle Flump from The Flumps. Any person that could make an arran knitted beanie hat look that cool has got to be worth meeting.

14 - Finally, what are your plans or hopes for your work in the future?

I just want to keep improving! Recently I've been feeling a bit stuck in a rut, and I'm hoping I'll break through it soon!


Thank to Helen for such a fun read - and don't forget to watch out for the next member interrogation!


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Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Fab read Helen, lovely beads too x