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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

FHFTeam Design Process

Another great new feature, giving an insight into the design processes of our team members, written by Helen Chalmers of Helen Jewellery. Take it away, Helen...


You may have wondered before how some of the FHFTeam members come up with ideas for the lovely pieces they produce. This little feature will highlight the work of some of the team over the next few months, explaining the inspiration and thoughts behind the work they produce.

My work is mainly inspired by the urban environment around me, especially quiet places within the city that not many people know about. I find glass an ideal medium to express this in, due to its fragility, and possibilities for organic appearance.

I usually start with taking photographs, spending an hour with my camera in a special place can lead to a whole line of inspiration.

Sometimes I can just pick out colours and patterns and hop straight on the torch and see what happens, but usually I like to take some time to draw so I can consider shape, colours, texture, and have a reference in front of me at the torch. These drawings were done from photographs and sketches I took on a trip to Greyfriars in Edinburgh.

The final part process is heading to the torch, and using glass as a tool to express the visuals and atmosphere. Sometimes I go on and make jewellery with it, sometimes I am thrilled to see other people create wearable products with my work.

Here are some pieces that have resulted from this design process.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it! Another (probably very different!) way of designing for a FHFteam member will be published next month! :)


Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

What a fantastic post Helen and a lovely insight into how you create your stunning beads, thank you for sharing.

Blue Kiln Beads said...

Very interesting Helen. I often think about trying a mor structured approach to design, maybe it can be a new year resolution for 2012....

Anonymous said...

that is really interesting, thank you for sharing