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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pick of the week - Dark Nebula

Inside a teardrop of glass I’ve formed a nebula of swirling greens and yellows, with hints of blues, which spiral down into the centre of the pendant

White Ribbons - Vortex Nebula Pendant Necklace by steampunkglass

This stunning bead is filled with pretty galaxy swirls
Galaxy bead by sals25

7 lampwork beads in a lozenge shape with stunning irridescent shades of black, silver, gold, blue and lots of other shimmery colours inbetween!

Mirage Lampwork Bead Set by helbels

using a base of deep transarent emerald green glass. The bead has layers of double helix 104 silver glass and ivory. some of the Double Helix has been reduced to give a deep rich mother of pearl effect in the spots.
Far Away Galaxy by Lemonkitten

With a white base, this slab focal lampwork bead with bands of amber/topaz wrapped around it and those silver mirror spots from the land of Double Helix and beautiful colours lying deep within, taking you into the unknown!!!
Galactic Spots by ChatElaineGlassArt

Dark Nebula -
–noun Astronomy .
a cloud of interstellar gas and dust that absorbs and thus obscures the light from stars behind it, appearing as a dark patch in front of a bright nebula or in an otherwise bright area of sky.

Five beauties from FHFteam
Enjoy, Jolene x


Lesley Jane said...

Oh they're a lovely bunch of beads !

BlueBoxStudio said...

All beautiful beads but I particlarly love the first one.

Diane said...

Just gorgeous - what a lovely selection

SteamPunkGlass said...

What a fantastic selection, thank you so much for including one of mine with such lovely glass!