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Monday, 24 January 2011

The teams week on etsy

We have some lovely listings appear on etsy from the team every week and three weeks ago I started a team picks treasury to showcase the latest and greatest from members.

So firstly I had better give you the previous links before I start nattering on about this weeks stunning submissions
3-10 Jan Team Picks
11-17 Jan Team Picks

This week the listings were more beautiful than ever, everyone is picking up the pace after a long rest from last month and there was just so much to choose from.
We are leading this week with Sarah Downton's listing - Silver waters a luscious turquoise, teal, emerald and green encased in sparkling clear. Also in the treasury you will find Dawn Turner, certainly not new to the forum but her brand spanking new etsy shop was only opened last week and her fused coasters are selling out just as fast as she is listing them check them out before they are all gone again. Oh and if you haven't seen flyingcheesetoaties glass bunnies I suggest taking a quick peek, available as a paint your own or clear glass. Perfect for easter.  

Take a look at the rest of the week in 12 pictures in the treasury

Scarlet xx

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