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Monday, 17 January 2011

Pick of the week - Ice Ice Baby

Okay, it won't be much use for putting ice in... but it certainly looks cool!t
Ice Bowl by dawnturnerdesigns/td>

made from beautiful clear glass. The beads were then tumbled to give them that gorgeous
Frosted round nuggets by finishingtouchjewels

A set of 3 hollow beads in a baby blue shade coated with a subtle shimmer powder.
Three Ice Blue Shimmer Hollows by shineon2

Two cubes of beautifully frosted lampwork glass hang from hand crafted ear hoops in sterling silver.
Iceburg earrings by Pandanimal

Three are in a transparent turquoise that has been etched and four have a clear base that has been swirled in some turquoise frit and then encased in clear.
Frozen tranquility by Beaujolaisbeads

Yes! It's that time, dancing on ice is back. To celebrate, here are some ice cold beauties from FHFteam 2011Enjoy, Jolene x


GaysieMay said...


Anonymous said...

Seems someone already stole the pun (Gaysie)

Beautiful selection though now I feel like trading my lovely hot coffee for an iced drink.

Hazel Ward said...

Gorgeous - my favourite wintery colours!

(I was going to write that the pick are 'Nice, nice, baby, but I was too ashamed *G*)

Nic :) said...

Such a cool selection!
Loving all the picks


beaujolaisbeads said...

Ooo, lovely selection, Jo, and thanks for including me!