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Monday 21 December 2009

Resolutions Challenge - VeeBead Vicki

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the word theme of Resolutions. Here is the stunning bracelet entered by Vicki of VeeBeads.

Vicki says:
For various reasons I am unable to torch at the moment, so I made a resolution to actually start making stuff with the beads I have made to date, and to learn and incorporate bead weaving and wirework into my jewellery. This bracelet represents a realisation of that resolution. The unusual shape of the Clare Scott beads just shouted to be a frame, so I was determined to use those as part of the design, and there was a tutorial in a bead magazine which I adapted to make the woven cuff. This bracelet has been many, many weeks in the making, and has been through many incarnations, but I am happy with the final result.

You can find more lovely glass by Vicki at VeeBeads

Saturday 12 December 2009

Resolutions Challenge - Lynn Davy

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the word theme of Resolutions. Here is a stunning entry by Lynn Davy.

Lynn Says: The word has many meanings but I have chosen to focus on the aspect of personal resolutions, of the sort that many of us make when each New Year rolls around: to become better people by cultivating our positive traits and conquering our negative ones.

Resolutions Pendant - Inner Beauty, Outer Strength

You can find more stunning jewellery and fantastic beadweaving tutorials by Lynn at nemeton

Friday 4 December 2009

Pick of the Week - Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night - Dylan Thomas


Featured this week are

Spice Sunbaked Beads by LushLampwork
SEIKA - Sculptural lampwork butterfly by littlecastledesigns
SUMMER PEBBLES Lampwork bead set by PixieWillow
Lily the Pink. A set of handmade lampwork beads by Josephine Wadman
Flores Mexicanas Beaded Bead Set by nemeton
Mexican Wave by pandanimal
Flamong heck that's ORANGE by tanofcourse
Pink Watermelon Swirl Lampwork Beads Set by allthatsparklesbeads
Rainbow Doodle fused Glass Wall Hanging by Helenbluefairy
Polka Dotty, a set of Handmade Lampwork Beads by Dilunah

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Featured Artist - Sabine Little

Flame Off 2009 - Sabine Little
photo by Richard Downton

1. How did you get started in lampworking/fusing/jewellery making;

When I was pregnant, my husband and I went to Venice for a 'last dash' before I was too far gone to fly. I'd done silversmithing, and so am always on the lookout for artisan jewellery...which, in Venice of course, meant glass! Sadly (or fortunately?), we had trouble with the bank, and I only had very little money to spend, on a few simple black, white and red beads. Not long after, my husband had to go abroad for work - I'd usually have joined him, but was no longer allowed to fly. Determined that I would have fun, too, I booked a one day glass bead making course. I remember telling my teacher - Mike Tillerman - that I had no intention of continuing with glass bead making, no matter how much I enjoyed it, that my heart belonged to silversmithing. 72 hours later, my starter kit arrived...

2. How long have you been lampworking;

I've been lampworking for about 2.5 years now, the last 1.5 years were the time I started specialising in sculptural beads.

3. Where do you find your inspiration;

I find inspiration...anywhere! It can be quite frustrating, actually, because I don't have the time to follow up half the ideas I have! I see colour combinations in leaves, curves in architecture, animals on Flickr...and I love words! So many poems and quotes I read are very visual to me, sometimes, I see a complete piece of jewellery in front of my eyes as I read.

4. What is your favourite piece of your own work;

I think it's very much always the most recent piece that was a bit 'different'. I loved the first dragonfly I made, I still have it, it's waiting for some kind of special bail. More recently still, I started making asymmetric necklaces, based on poems and quotes, and I love the 'Mad as a Hatter' lariat, because a lot of jewellery I've made to date is quite shy and retiring...this isn't!


Mad as a Hatter

5. Who's work do you admire most;

There are too many people I admire to mention individually - as a group, they have the common denominator that their work is always of high quality - no shortcuts, no excuses. I think that, if you do sell your work, you ought to do it as professionally as you possibly can - not in the 'how may I help you today, Ma'am' kind of way, but by producing the best possible quality you can, and being self-critical. And that's not just your actual work, but everything around it. I myself know that I could learn lots from other people in the way of photography, for example.

6. What are your goals for the future;

2010 will be the year when I 'turn pro' - lampworking full-time, teaching lampworking / glass bead making, and making jewellery. So, my most immediate goal would be to make that leap without too many mishaps - hopefully, getting more ideas from paper to finished piece. I've got two websites - http://www.littlecastledesigns.co.uk/, where I sell beads & jewellery, and http://www.nowforevermore.com/, which specialises in wedding jewellery and celebratory jewellery, as well as a selection of both on my etsy shop (http://littlecastledesigns.etsy.com/) - I've got this year to understand how to work all these to their best potential...if I find the holy grail, I'll happily share it! ;-) Being home in daylight should also help with those photos!

Sunday 29 November 2009

Resolutions Challenge - Rachel Elliot

Rachel says:
Okies, so I guess my biggest resolution is to love my beads more rather than cucking them in a box once they're finished and I'm bored with them. I also have a slighty more literal take on the resolution theme in the form of my new GlassTag pieces which are highly detailed quirky pieces featuring vintage images.

You can find more lovely glass by Rachel at flyingcheesetoastie

Resolutions Challenge - Ingrid Brunt

FHFteam are running a challenge right now on the word theme of Resolutions. Here is the first beautiful entry by Ingrid Brunt of Brunties Beads.

Ingrid says:
I have risen to the challenge, "to create something lovely inspired by the word/theme RESOLUTIONS" I've gone with the one resolution I seem to make every year....to be less Goddess shaped.

You can find more lovely beads by Ingrid at BruntiesBeads

Thursday 26 November 2009

Pick of the Week - Spotlight on Flowers

I got given the gift of a beautiul bouquet of flowers this week, a wonderful surprise that made me feel special. It is no wonder then that my picks this week are everlasting floral treats from the talented members of FHFteam


Featured this week are

Amethyst Flora by JudithBeads
Flower Pendant by aurorabeadz
Lampwork Bead with Fine Silver Flower by FiredSilver
Ama by littlecastledesigns
White Rose pendant necklace by Nemeton

Sunday 22 November 2009

Sparkle Challenge - Julie Haveland Beer

FHFteam are running a Seasonal Sparkle Challenge right now and here are three beautiful sparkly listings from Julie Haveland Beer.

Julie says:
I grew up surrounded by crafts – it was just something everyone did, whether for pleasure or practical use. Not only did this environment give me the love to create, it also gave me the confidence to try out all sorts of craft hobbies as I grew up. In 2003 I picked up a book on chain maille. As time went by I invested in a kiln to fuse glass and later fire Precious Metal Clay. Late 2007 I Googled for an answer to a fusing problem I had, and stumbled upon the Frit Happens! Forum – what a joy to meet so many glass-mad people! The following spring I met with a few bead makers from the forum, and I totally fell in love with the way they teased beautiful beads out of molten rods of glass. Within a week I had ordered the start-up kit, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history :-).

You can find more lovely glass by Julie at DolmairicDesign

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Pick of the Week - Spotlight on Crimson

Vivacious and bold, this weeks picks are fire flecked reds.


Featured this week are
Checkerboard glass beads by MyPrecious
Sea Bamboo by jewelsofthedales
Fireballs by flyingbead
Trifle by Tanofcourse
Fumed discs by Redhotsal

Sunday 15 November 2009

Sparkle Challenge - Becky Fairclough

FHFteam are running a Seasonal Sparkle Challenge right now and here is a beautiful sparkly listing from Becky Fairclough.

Becky Says:
Christmas for me is a very sparkly time of year, I love decorating the tree with lots of tinsel and angel hair and baubles. I love to have jewellery that is sparkly for Christmas but I wanted to make something wearable all year round and so I choose to make one of my ranges of beads as cabochons and turn them into little stud earrings.

You can find more lovely glass by Becky at chameleonsdesigns

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Sparkle Challenge - Trudi Doherty

FHFteam are running a Seasonal Sparkle Challenge right now and here is a beautiful sparkly listing from Trudi Doherty.

Trudi Says:
When I think of Christmas I think of snowball fights. Running through snow, trying not to get hit; while laughing so hard that my sides ache!! And that was just last year, some things stay with us from our childhood. It’s just magical, sharing that fun with the next generation. So I made these beads with an opaque white base, and rolled them in a very fine clear frit - the contrast really makes them sparkle, just like sunshine reflecting off the snow.

You can find more lovely glass by Trudi at Shineon2

Pick of the Week - Spotlight on Gift Ideas

This week’s picks are all perfect gift choices for the upcoming shopping fest. One of a kind and handcrafted with love by some of the talented artisan in FHFteam

Hope you like, Jolene

Featured this week are:
Turquoise and Black Liquid Tartan Cufflinks by flyingcheesetoastie
Nest Earrings by FiredSilver
Circular Lattice Ware Bowl by SorbetGlass
Fused Heart Bling Ring by DolmairicDesigns
Stormy waters Sterling silver pendant by Eleljewellery

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Encased Rose Murrini Bead Tutorial

Recently I have been making some pretty rose murrini intended for encasement - they can be a bit tricky to handle so I thought a little tutorial would be a great idea.

First an apology - there are some shockingly poor quality photos, with my low tech camera, which is wearing Diddys taken under bare bulb artificial lighting of my studio. Hopefully as step by step images, they will be enough to illustrate the basic techniques that I use for this kind of bead making.

Firstly a quick snap of the pre-prepared glasswork that I will be using - nipped chips of cobalt rose murrini, some ribbon twistie, vine twistie and a bit of white latticino. I will also be using a Graphite bead roller but this method works equally well for gravity shaped beads.

Step one - Add a few wraps of glass to your mandrel

Step two - marver the glass to fit your press or bead roller. If you are making a gravity shaped bead then marver until you are satisfied with the tube shape.

Step three - add vine twistie (or frit, or enamel, or silver foil) to your tube

This is what my base bead looks like with twistie applied - I like to wrap the twistie on from underneath the tube, turning the mandrel towards me as I wrap. This makes the twistie pattern less distorted.

Step four - melt in your base decoration and marver in to a smooth tube shape again.

Step five - recheck the length of your tube against the press/roller that you are using. I like to start on the smallest size in a graduated bead shaping tool so that if my base gets worked so that it is too long I can move up to the next size. For gravity shaped bead this is not important but do pay attention to your bead ends as the neater you keep them at this stage, the neater the end result will be.

Step six - spot heat your tube where you would like to place your murrini. Pick up the murrini with tweezers and press it firmly to your base tube. If it does not stick then your base need was not hot enough. Reheat it and try again. If the murrini are 5-6mm or smaller I find that pre-warming them on a torch top marver is not necessary. Less is more, so depending on the size of your bead, two or three murrini will be plenty.

Step seven - do not put your murrini in the flame once they are firmly attached to your base. Heat some clear or light transparent glass and place dots on top of each murrini. This will stop the pattern from closing up when you introduce the murrini back in to the flame. It is a good idea to flash your bead through the top of the flame next to stop it from getting too cool and cracking.

Step eight - heat the covering dots of glass and gently flatten them. I turn the flame down low to do this.

Step nine - run some latticino in the gaps between the murrini. Again I do this in a very low flame. No need to melt the latticino flat but a good idea to turn up your torch and flash the bead through the top of the flame again at this point.

Step ten - From this point on you will not be putting your base bead back in the flame. Work close to and just behind the flame to keep your base bead warm. Add generous blobs of your transparent glass to your base bead. Make sure that you completely cover all of your raised decoration. I find that if the heated end of the encasing rod is really hot and runny before I dab less air bubbles will be created.

Step eleven - once your raised decoration is all covered add more blobs of clear so that your bead has a roughly even coverage.

Step twelve - melt in down your blobby encasement using a moderate flame. Too hot and your glass will start to run smudging all of your raised encased elements. It helps to "pat down" some of the larger blobs with a marver to get your bead roughly into shape.

Step thirteen - gently press your bead into the press or bead roller to get it roughly in shape. If you have added too much clear then move on up to the next size. If you are gravity shaping this step is not needed.

Step fourteen - add small dabs of your encasing colour where needed to fill in any dents and smooth out the shape of your bead. From this point on I stop using a bead roller and use gravity shaping to finish the bead.

Step fifteen (optional) - add further twistie decoration to the outside surface of your bead.

Step sixteen - melt down any surface decoration and finish gravity shaping your bead

Step Seventeen - heat one side of your bead at a time and tip your mandrel to let gravity create nice dimples at your bead holes.

Step Eighteen - Admire your handiwork. Flash your bead through the flame thoroughly to warm before popping it in to the kiln.

You can find my glassy offerings on Etsy at Kitzbitz and pre-prepared glasswork in my U.K. Art Glass Shop