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Acronyms etc.

Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations

by Mangobeads
BHB - abbreviation for 'big-hole bead', a type of charm bead with a larger than average hole designed to fit onto various bracelet brands, such as Pandora or Troll. They can be 'cored' through the bead hole with a metal, or left uncored.

COE - Co-efficient of expansion. A number assigned to the different types of glasses which signifies the rate at which the glass expands. Mixing glasses with different COEs in the same piece can lead to compatibility issues.

Destash - A bargain priced listing made up of items no longer required from the designer's stash; hence, a de-stash.

FHF - stands for Frit Happens Forum, where members chat about glass. The FHFTeam was born from a group of forum members who also sold on Etsy.

GBUK - A British-based organization (Glass Beadmakers UK) that promotes the art of glass in the UK. See http://www.gbuk.org/

OOAK - The abbreviation for 'One of a Kind'. Although most handmade creations are obviously unique in small ways, due to the way they're made, the phrase 'OOAK' usually means that the design will not be repeated, ensuring that you're buying a truly unique piece.

Orphans - When beadmakers create beads, they sometimes make more than the number included in the final set. Along with experimental beads and test beads, these orphans (so called because they've been separated from their bead 'family') may be sold in sets, allowing you to buy a mixed-bag of interesting, handmade beads, often at a lower price.

PIF- abbreviation for 'Pay-It-Foward'. In this case it is a Etsy practice whereby a seller will list a piece at a very low price, usually for the minimum price (20 cents) that Etsy will allow. The tradition is that whoever buys this special offer will 'pay' the kindness forward, either by creating their own PIF listing, or doing another act of kindness. Originates from the film of the same name.

SRA - acronym for Self Representing Artist. The SRA organization is made up of glass artists who create and sell their own handmade work as opposed to mass-produced beads. The SRA logo or name on a listing lets you know that you are supporting individual artists (for more information, see http://www.self-representing-artist.com/

SRAJD - acronym for the Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design group. Members are committed to designing, creating and selling their own jewellery.

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