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Friday 25 February 2011

Design Idea of the Week

This week's design idea has a slightly different slant to it; a selection of coordinating accessories designed to 'lift' neutral outfits, in a delicious fresh red, white and etc. colour scheme.

Setting the tone is this rose-covered buckle from DawnTurnerDesigns; used to fasten a toning scarf, as an accent on a bag, or to add a unique touch to your belt, it will definitely be a welcome change from everyday fastenings.

Teaming up with this is a set of pretty encased flower beads by MyPrecious; the flower theme continues, as does the colour scheme, with the subtle mint green base of these beads picking up the white background and green leaves in the buckle. Pair with LushLampwork's sage green toggle clasp and spacers set to make a complementing bracelet.

If you want to pick up more of the reds in the buckle, or don't fancy making your own bracelet, FunkyCow has a simple and delicate example made with her own lampwork beads that will perk up any outfit.

And finally, your coat make be feeling a bit left out, so why not try a touch of customizing, and add these matching buttons from HelenPetersBeads  (or pop them on your trousers, bag or anything that can be sewn!)

Monday 21 February 2011

Pick of the week - My Mum says











I gave the job over to my Mum this week to choose her 5 favourite listings from FHFteam 2011. She picked 11 instead, hope you liked them too.
Jolene x

Sunday 13 February 2011

Pick of the week - Teamwork

These cutesy earrings were handmade by me using lampwork bird beads by fellow etsian mad cat glass and sterling silver findings.

Watch the Birdie Earrings Sterling Silver by attheedge

This piece features a beautiful Artisan glass rose accompanied by fresh water pearls, CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements, sterling silver beads and findings
Alice-Artisan glass rose and pearl necklace by nemeadesigns

Formed from hand pierced copper sheet, shaped and textured in a rolling mill before being polished to a beautiful lustre.
Gaia - Copper and London Blue Topaz Pendant by eleljewelley

Cosmic but with one of my Silver Focal Lentil's and two smaller flying saucers along with the Lampwork 'Samplers' and 'Disc' beads made by Becky Fairclough of Chameleon Designs.
CosmicII by JoWalker68

It is difficult to capture how stunning the cabochon is on this pendant - it has been made with ivory glass with a double layer of clear iridescent on top, laid up to form a subtle checkered effect
Ivory Treasures Pendant by DawnTurnerCreations

Some collaborative works showcasing the talent of two or more members of FHFteam Enjoy, Jolene x

Friday 11 February 2011

Designs Ideas from the FHFTeam

'Fab and funky' are the words for this week's idea; a take on bright carnival colours that can't help but shine through the winter gloom.

Starting off with a true attention-grabber, MangoBeads' giant (33mm) wheel-shaped focal makes the perfect centre-piece for a necklace - use a lark's head knot to secure cord through the large hole and hang it centrally, or make it a feature toggle clasp by forging your own accompanying bar from heavy gauge wire.

 After such a colourful start, a few pretty swirled citrus yellow beads by ARJewellery  can hold their own as spacers, without causing too much dizziness!

 But of course, a carnival necklace must be allowed to have a bit more colour, so adding two of Nemeton's joyful beaded beads at mid-points in the necklace pumps the colour level higher, and adds some fun, funky texture too.

For a final extra eye-popping effect, go crazy adding these buttons by Pandanimal to everything you can find, to get the true carnival look!

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Monthly Blog Topic - Feb Part 2

Welcome to the first post of Monthly Blog Topics, where Frit-Happens Forum team members share their thoughts on random questions about beads, glass and jewellery.

This month's question was:

What do you love most about lampwork beads (making or using them)?

Here's what some of our members had to say - come back next Wednesday to read more members' thoughts on the brilliance of lampwork!

helbels: I like the fact that they are difficult to make, that you could make them for 100 years and still not know all there is to know. I like the fact that the glass is unpredictable, that things never come out the way you want them to, and that you have to put in hours of practice in order to be good.

A lot of those things might put people off, but they all appeal to the perfectionist in me. On a bad day, the sheer difficulty of making lampwork drives me crazy, but ultimately, it's the same difficulty that holds my attention and keeps me coming back again, and again.

HelenJewellery: I love the immediacy of glass. It truly captures a moment, because it isn't work you can just pick up or put down whenever you want. Thats what makes it so special for me.

BlueKilnBeads: I like the way that glass responds differently for each person.  Two people can try to make the same design, a flower for example, using the same colours but the resulting beads will be very different.   Some makers are better at organic styles while others are better at more uniform designs. 

The possibilities are endless with glass be it shape, colour, design, size ......  That is why it is so absorbing and addictive.

NemeaDesigns: As a jewellery maker, I love using glass for its versatility. From soft glass to boro, I am always amazed at the colours that are produced. Combine this with the surface effect: glossy, etched, with fine silver glass, murrini. The possibilities are endless!

But what makes artisan glass truly special to me is the people who use it. It makes me very proud, when selling a piece, to be able to tell my customer something about the person who made the beads. It makes the piece of jewellery really special and the person who buys it feel involved in the process. You can't do this with gemstones!

DolmairicDesign: I started with silver chain maille....then I bought glass beads and fused pendants to go with the chains....then I started fusing myself....and then I stumbled upon Frit Happens! and bead making. Since then there has been less and less jewellery making, and more and more bead making. The tale speaks for itself  Smiley Apart from the immediate result from melting and finishing a bead in the fire, I find the thought that that these little pieces of craft/art are able to survive for thousands of years fascinating.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this question - pop your answers down in the comment box below :)