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Monday 28 March 2011

Design Idea - Something Old, Something New...you know the rest.

Making old into new is the idea behind this week's design - a necklace with the theme of recycling, upcycling, and cycling to the off-licence for pretty bottles of alcohol.

The focal point for the necklace is GaysieMay's key pendant in blue; an old key gains interest by the addition of a bead that was formed straight onto the metal. The symbol of a time-worn key is full of past intrigue and meaning, making it a perfect fit with the current trend for vintage treasures in jewellery, and adding an air of poingancy and mystery to the design.

Meanwhile the accent beads in GaysieMay's set provide mini-focal points when arranged between a selection of toning blue beads to make up the length of the necklace. These deliciously-coloured beads by Jeanniegems were created from Bombay Gin bottles, thus making sure no part of a night of fun is wasted.

The prevailing vintage trend also emphasises old (or pseudo-old) buttons, with many pieces of jewellery incorporating them in a variety of different ways. Why not use one of HelenPetersBeads' beautifully blue recycled wine bottle buttons as a clasp for your necklace, and cluster the rest with wire and add a brooch back to make a charming pin decoration for your coat or bag? 

Thanks for looking!

Monday 21 March 2011

Pick of the week - Deeply Dotty (part 3)

A set of 12 handcrafted lampwork beads
'Dotties' Lampwork Glass Bead Set by FiBeads

Add this little eye catcher to your charm collection
Ivory and silver glass big hole bead by cgsbeads

set of 7 beads in transparent and opaque blues and turquoise all decorated with coordinating colour dots
Blue Dotties No.2 - Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads by Sarah Downton

Jungfrau is a pretty set of 6 tab crunch beads in shades of white, grey (gray), blue and cream, decorated with lovely murrini, dot and twisty details
Jungfrau Lampwork Bead Set by helbels

A set of 9 handmade lampwork beads each with layers of dots on top of dots in shades of blue.
Blue on Blue Dots and Dots and Dots by ARjewellery

My third and last set of picks in celebration of the humble dot with a spotty, dotty and bumpy theme. Search for FHFteam 2011 to see loads more scrummy stuff.
Enjoy, Jolene x

Saturday 19 March 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Dragon Your Feet

Today's Design Idea is a flight of fancy; a necklace celebrating the fantastic, and perfect for those with a love of magic!

As our centrepiece, we have FlyingBead's  fabulous boroscillicate dragon pendant, worked in beautiful fiery oranges and reds, and with an integreated glass bail. To evoke a suitable medieval effect, try hanging him from the centre of some chainmaille; take a look at this beautiful necklace from ElelJewellery  for a fantastic example.

Or hang your dragon pendant from some cotton or hemp cord for a rustic look, and knot or wirewrap some of BeadupaStorm's unsual but very pretty dragon's teeth (several size available).

Or if you want a colour-matched look, make up a necklace of wire-wrapped toning beads, like Beaujolais Bead's fiery set of beads; the dragon will subtly pick up the orange shades in the beads, but you won't be subject to an orange overload!


Thanks for looking!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Using Twitter Feed - Alternative rss posting

If you were a hootsuite user you have probably noticed that you are now VERY limited on rss feeds but there is another way to get your feeds posted.

Twitter feed!
Here's how to use it.

Go to http://www.twitterfeed.com

You will need to create an account but it's all good and spam free.

Once you have an account and have signed in you will be greeted by your shiny new dashboard and you can start to create feeds.

Click on create a new feed

You will then be asked to name your feed (you can call it whatever you like) and put in the rss feed of your etsy shop to go to the team account.

This is how you get the rss link for your etsy shop... nice and easy once you have the link copy and paste it.

This will open up when you click the link just under where you copied your feed link too.
You can set the times for it to pull and do all sorts of fancy things (you can even set it to only pull listings with certain keywords if you are feeling brave) But for now all you need is the prefix and suffix.
The prefix will come before the link and title, the suffix after. I use the prefix to say "New from Scarlet" and the suffix for hashtags (you only get 20 characters for each)

Continue on to the next step and select twitter

You will need to tie your twitter account (or team twitter accounts) before you can post to them. You can also use it for facebook and other social media sites.

Hope that helps those of you with multiple feed trauma.

Scarlet xx

Sunday 13 March 2011

Pick of the week - Deeply Dotty (part two)

Here's a lovely little set of 5 hand made lampwork beads by Mad Cat Glass
Gypsy Lee Lampwork bead set by MadCatGlass

A graduated set of 5 handmade round lampwork beads, a focal bead with blue/green raised dots, 2 smaller beads with burnt in dots.
Dotty Rounds by ARJewellery

A big hole bead in two shades of complimentary green with pretty raised pink flowers and a sprinkling of pink dots
Floral big hole lampwork - green and pink by csgbeads

This necklace is made with lampwork beads made by me in my home studio.
Teal Tease Hand Made Lampwork Necklace by beadbabies1

This bracelet contains loads of my handmade lampwork beads and discs, as well as a few pieces of turquoise for good measure.
Handmade One of A Kind Lampwork Bead and GaysieMay

My second set picks in celebration of the humble dot with a spotty, dotty and bumpy theme. Search for FHFteam 2011 to see loads more scrummy stuff.
Enjoy, Jolene x

Monday 7 March 2011

Design Idea of the Week - Pastures Green

In advance of St. Patrick's Day, this week's design idea features green, green, and green. And then a bit more green. Did I mention the green?

As a starting point, I'd suggest this beautiful green focal from FluidGlassArtBeads with its bright Spring green colour and ethereal silver tree, it seems to evoke the pastoral landscapes of Ireland.

To contrast with the luminosity of the focal, try using etched beads in the main part of the necklace, like these from Cheeky Cherub Designs; the matte green will help to vary the tones and texture, whilst the fine silver trails on these lovely beads would pick up the tones of the silver glass tree beautifully.

And for the ever-popular big hole bead style, why not make a matching bracelet using LushLampwork's
etched bead sets....

...interspersed with HelenPetersBeads' trio of recycled green glass beads - and with a bit of imagination, the centre flowers can pass as four-leaf clovers!

And for the people out there who don't want to wear jewellery, but still want a splash of green, these funky green cufflinks made by GaysieMay  will brighten up your jacket with Irish pride!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday 6 March 2011

Pick of the week - Deeply Dotty (part one)

A heart shaped Lampwork Focal Bead made using a core of silver rich glass
Jewel Heart by Lemonkitten

A mixed set of 7 beads all decorated with coordinating colour dots.
Purple Passion - Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads by Sarah Downton

Disco Balls is a set of graduated round lampwork beads, in shades of pink with raised dots.
Disco Balls Lampwork Bead Set by Helbels

A beautiful set of handmade lampwork beads in shades of purple
Purple Set of Handmade Lampwork Beads by Twirlybeads

These beads have a deep purple coloured background with intricate dots of coloured glass layered on top to give a gorgeous pattern.
Tribeca, 3 Pandora sized beads by Helenjewellery

I declare March to be a month in celebration of the humble dot with a spotty, dotty and bumpy themed pick of the week each weekend in march. FHFteam
Enjoy, Jolene x

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Pick of the week - A Shot in the Arm

Spring is a set of 6 graduated handmade lentils, in shades of lemon, blue, lime, black and white decorated on both sides with raised dot, stringer and twisty details - all on a base of cloudy glass for an ethereal effect.
Spring by Helbels

Handmade Lampwork Lentil Pendant by Stephanie Gough of FinishingTouchJewels.
Handmade Lampwork Lentil Pendant and Earring Beads by FinishingTouchJewels

On a base of bright translucent orange there are stacked dot bumps of black, white and orange
Tangerine Sputnik by cheekycherubdesigns

This pretty little Ellie bead measures 20mm x 21mm and has been wound on a 2.4mm mandrel
Patterned Elephant Bead by sals25

Each one is a little aquarium made with yellow, blue, orange, green and clear glass.
Aquariums - Orange and Yellow Encased Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads by MyPrecious

A shot of colour from FHFteam to lift your spirits and make you smile.
Enjoy, Jolene x