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Saturday 29 January 2011

Member Intro Lesley Nixon (Mad Cat Glass)

A new feature for the FHF team Blog get to know our members and what makes us tick.

First up is the lovely Lesley of Mad Cat Glass a lampworker and sometimes jewellery artist she makes some funky focals.

My name is Lesley Jane Nixon and I am ALMOST 40 years old. I have been working with glass for almost 7 years from my home studio in North Staffordshire.

Lots of different things inspire me as I have lots of different 'styles' ... everything from our beautiful countryside, to friendly aliens inspires me :)

DSCF2065-1It has to be one of my vikings ! To be honest, I can't really single one specific bead out, but discovering my vikings was a real victory for me ... I really felt as though I could finally call a particular design my own :)

Visit Mad Cat Glass on Etsy and see Lesley's  Work

Friday 28 January 2011

Designs Ideas from the FHFTeam:

Everyone who knows about jewellery, knows about big-hole-beads, or BHBs. They're on the High Street, in the media, and probably on your wrist! The whole idea behind them is to make a special, meaningful bracelet, and one way to do that is to buy unique handmade artisan beads; with that in mind, here are a few ideas for a special Valentine's themed BHB bracelet.

 First up, you're going to need something to put the beads on; if you want a simple snake chain to highlight your beads, ARJewellery have a sterling silver chain available, all ready for threading.


If, on the other hand, you want to make a bold statement with your chain as well, mizgeorge makes a handmade sterling version complete with a stunning, handmade, gemstone accented toggle clasp.

And for the beads...

For the traditional Valentine's touch, this trio of beads by HelenPetersBeads provide a soft palette of pinks that fits well with an ultra-romantic theme.

Continuing the colour scheme is dilunahs' beautiful silver glass bead featuring a subtle interplay of pastel pinks and purples, and finished off with a sterling silver core, which is textured to add that special detail.

Sometimes you need a bit more silver to complement your beads, and mizgeorge's handmade charms will work perfectly; and their inspirarion, a style of Russian wedding ring, adds an extra romantic significance.

For a bit of passion and vibrancy, this bead pair by ScarletImpressions will make a statement, with their ruby red depths, without causing too much of a stir amongs the softer colours

And finally, if you really want to include an extra personal effort, have a look at beadweaving tutorial for bubbly beads - the pattern has scope for experimentation, so you can adapt it to fit your bracelet, and use your beloved favourite colours

Hope you enjoy!

Monday 24 January 2011

The teams week on etsy

We have some lovely listings appear on etsy from the team every week and three weeks ago I started a team picks treasury to showcase the latest and greatest from members.

So firstly I had better give you the previous links before I start nattering on about this weeks stunning submissions
3-10 Jan Team Picks
11-17 Jan Team Picks

This week the listings were more beautiful than ever, everyone is picking up the pace after a long rest from last month and there was just so much to choose from.
We are leading this week with Sarah Downton's listing - Silver waters a luscious turquoise, teal, emerald and green encased in sparkling clear. Also in the treasury you will find Dawn Turner, certainly not new to the forum but her brand spanking new etsy shop was only opened last week and her fused coasters are selling out just as fast as she is listing them check them out before they are all gone again. Oh and if you haven't seen flyingcheesetoaties glass bunnies I suggest taking a quick peek, available as a paint your own or clear glass. Perfect for easter.  

Take a look at the rest of the week in 12 pictures in the treasury

Scarlet xx

Monday 17 January 2011

Pick of the week - Ice Ice Baby

Okay, it won't be much use for putting ice in... but it certainly looks cool!t
Ice Bowl by dawnturnerdesigns/td>

made from beautiful clear glass. The beads were then tumbled to give them that gorgeous
Frosted round nuggets by finishingtouchjewels

A set of 3 hollow beads in a baby blue shade coated with a subtle shimmer powder.
Three Ice Blue Shimmer Hollows by shineon2

Two cubes of beautifully frosted lampwork glass hang from hand crafted ear hoops in sterling silver.
Iceburg earrings by Pandanimal

Three are in a transparent turquoise that has been etched and four have a clear base that has been swirled in some turquoise frit and then encased in clear.
Frozen tranquility by Beaujolaisbeads

Yes! It's that time, dancing on ice is back. To celebrate, here are some ice cold beauties from FHFteam 2011Enjoy, Jolene x

Sunday 9 January 2011

Pick of the week - Dark Nebula

Inside a teardrop of glass I’ve formed a nebula of swirling greens and yellows, with hints of blues, which spiral down into the centre of the pendant

White Ribbons - Vortex Nebula Pendant Necklace by steampunkglass

This stunning bead is filled with pretty galaxy swirls
Galaxy bead by sals25

7 lampwork beads in a lozenge shape with stunning irridescent shades of black, silver, gold, blue and lots of other shimmery colours inbetween!

Mirage Lampwork Bead Set by helbels

using a base of deep transarent emerald green glass. The bead has layers of double helix 104 silver glass and ivory. some of the Double Helix has been reduced to give a deep rich mother of pearl effect in the spots.
Far Away Galaxy by Lemonkitten

With a white base, this slab focal lampwork bead with bands of amber/topaz wrapped around it and those silver mirror spots from the land of Double Helix and beautiful colours lying deep within, taking you into the unknown!!!
Galactic Spots by ChatElaineGlassArt

Dark Nebula -
–noun Astronomy .
a cloud of interstellar gas and dust that absorbs and thus obscures the light from stars behind it, appearing as a dark patch in front of a bright nebula or in an otherwise bright area of sky.

Five beauties from FHFteam
Enjoy, Jolene x

Monday 3 January 2011

Pick of the week - Lust

This wonderfully dramatic look was created using the Garter Belt weave.
In Sterling silver and bronze, which has a beautifully rich, buttery
Omari - silver and bronze chainmaille necklace by Eleljewellery

A set of eleven handmade lampwork beads. The set includes five 25mm etched lentils all slightly different and including silvered ivory decoration.
Amethyst Beach by cheekycherubdesigns

These beautiful earrings have been made using artisan lampwork beads that have many wonderful colours that catch the light
Opulence lampwork earrings by charmedbymarie

This lovely focal heart bead coordinates with the Geisha set. A stunning shade of scarlet red, decorated with white, red and black murrini and gold foil.
Geisha Heart by josephinewadman

A fabulous detailed lampwork bead in tones of gold.
Regal Dragongfly lampwork and bronze bracelet by pixiewillowjewels

Five beauties from FHFteam
Enjoy, Jolene x